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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Concrete by nature is a porous surface and depending on the strength of the cement mix, the cured floor can be incredibly hard or relatively soft. The pores of the concrete both absorb any material that is spilled or otherwise applied, and despite the flat appearance, the surface is quite rough on a microscopic level. As a result, stains are easily formed and dust is regularly generated by regular use. Applying coatings to concrete surface fills seals the pours, eliminating dust, and prevents absorbsion and stains. Depending on the coating material used, the coating can also improve the strength of the surface. This protects the floor from damage from impact, scratching or other abuse. Whether the floor is brand new or severly damaged from years of industrial use, a concrete surface is always better protected, more attractive and less difficult to maintain. Speak to a Floortex Representative today to determine what products is best for your application. Most common applications include industrial facilities, factories, food processing plants, warehouses, high traffic retail environments, automotive shops and garages.

Solid Epoxy

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Self-leveling epoxy coating without any broadcast medium creates a level, flat and extremely smooth and high gloss finished surface. These floors reflect light extremely well helping to make a finished space extremely bright and clean. Maintenance is extremely simple with smooth, seamless surfaces but can be slippery when wet. Common applications include, factories, common areas, hangars, warehouses, loading docks, stairwells, showrooms, and clean/dry manufacturing facilities.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Coating

Metallic epoxy coatings have all of the strength, durability and light reflecting attributes of solid colour epoxies with the added metallic design element. A variety of colours and patterns can be created using this decorative self-levelling application. Applications include: offices and showrooms, galleries, garages, warehouse spaces, common areas etc.