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Concrete Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is the most critical aspect of any concrete application. Failure to complete a comprehensive, thorough and sufficiently aggressive preparation can result in coating delamination, cracking, peeling and or flaking. Floortex uses a number of preparation methods including acid etching, diamond grinding, scarifying and shot blasting to ensure that every project is completed with no chance for failure as a result of insufficient prep. Each and every project and concrete surface is different and there is no one ideal process for every floor. As a result, our team of professionals will evaluate the surface on a project by project basis and determine the most suitable method for preparing the concrete given the product or process to be completed – ie, coating, staining, or polishing.

Surface preparation can also involve concrete rehabilitiation. This is required when the concrete floor has been left untreated for many years and has signs of abuse including but not limited to; oil/grease contamination, impact damage, foundation shifting – causing heaving cracks, spalling, damage caused by trenching (required for post-pour construction) and previous coating or finishing applications. Repair and rehabilitation will be detailed and priced according to the proposed surface prep and application process discussed by the Floortex Representative and the client.

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